Fabula 0.8.1 released

Florian Berger, 31 Jan 2012 12:00 +0000

Release notes for the 0.8.1 release.

Improved room and multiplayer handling on the server side.

In the Pygame client, the room scrolling amount is now based on the framerate. There now is a check for window focus before the window scrolls. The client now centers the room plane on the player Entity, while snapping the room to the display edges. Also, handling of DeleteEvent is finally implemented. When performing PickUp and Drop, all eight positions surrounding the player are considered now instead of just four.

The property window of the Pygame editor will display large entities correctly now.

Overall exception handling has been improved, Fabula exits cleanly upon an exception in most cases now.

Log file names now include the process id, making it possible to run parallel clients from the same directory without conflicts.

Lots of minor changes, fixes, cleanups, and a documentation update.

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