Fabula 0.8.3 released

Florian Berger, 27 Jun 2012 11:13 +0000

Release notes for the 0.8.3 release.

There are a lot of changes in this release.

fabula.interfaces is now a package. Added module interfaces.replay, containing PythonReplayInterface, and the script 'run_pygame_replay.py' which replays Fabula game logs.

The classes Event, Message, Entity and Tile now have a JSON representation. Added fabula.interfaces.json_rpc which implements a JSON-RPC server interface. Added a JSON-RPC doctest.

Removed mouse-based scrolling in PygameUserInterface. Insted the screen will scroll when the player has moved one Tile away from the window border.

PygameUserInterface now uses the surfacecatcher module for screen capturing. Press 'F2' to start capturing, and check with 'F1' whether the recorder runs.

'clickndrag', the graphics engine behind Fabula, has been renamed to 'planes'. Fabula now uses a new 'planes' version which allows for slick GUI elements with bitmap backgrounds. They are used in all GUI elements in the game now, while the editor keeps the old style.

Fabula will now display SaysEvents longer that 10 characters at the bottom of the screen, preparing for a style known from other RPG and adventure games..

The Fabula server can now be run without Pygame installed.

Lots of fixes, improvements, and a documentation update.