The current release of Fabula is 0.8.3. Check out the release notes.

Important: All 0.8.x releases of Fabula are alpha versions. They may not install cleanly, lack features, crash or set your pet on fire. Use at your own risk!

Fabula comes in several release formats. Which one is for you depends on how you want to use Fabula.

Releases are signed with my OpenPGP key.

Binary Release

Download this if you want to run a standard Fabula client or server, or use the visual editor. Unzip the archive and simply run the appropriate *.exe file.

Windows Logo (MD5 8746a9c70addaa4fe3bddf397df8fcc7)


Source Release

Download this if you want code your own games using Fabula, customising server logic or the client.

You will need Python >= 3.1 from and Pygame >= 1.9.1 from

Source Archive (MD5 3620b22ce9f873c94fae1d8d2e1d013f)


Fabula uses the Python distutils module. To install, unzip the archive and run

python install

on the command line.